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Urban Protect iPhone 14 Pro Indigo

Safeguard your iPhone with this MagSafe, anti-scratch case.

URBAN PROTECT is made from Cordura®, an advanced fabric technology, and features IMPKT Cell Technology™. The bright colored soft microfiber inner lining color matches the IMPKT Cell material. All of these great features matched with MagSafe compatibility make this case perfect for iPhone users who value both style and protection.
Cordura® Fabric
An advanced fabric technology.
IMPKT Cell Technology™
Featuring internal air pockets that absorb and dissipate impact away from your iPhone when dropped.
Magsafe Compatible
Featuring a strong MagSafe magnet, open up your world to the possibilities of MagSafe products.
Soft Microfiber Inner Lining
Made from a soft microfiber material, the interior of this case goes easy on your iPhone.