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iPad 10.2 Inch Origami Case Tpu - Black

The Origami Pencil Case is Pipetto's popular and best-selling 5-in-1 Origami iPad Case for the iPad 10.2-inch 7th Generation (2019) that allows you to conveniently andsafely store your Apple Pencil. The Origami Pencil Case features all the 5-in-1 stand positions and functionality as the Original Origami, but with a slot for an Apple Pencil.The magnetic cover is made from PU (exactly the same touch and feel as Apple's Smart Cover) and the back from a shock absorbent TPU, meaning your iPad is fully dropprotected, feels great and will wipe clean. The 5-in-1 “Origami” folding style of the smart cover is what makes it really exceptional in terms of functionality and usability.The Origami Pencil case also allows full access to cameras, volume buttons and charging points whilst providing complete protection.