Glass Screen Guard for iPad Mini 8.3 Inch

Elevate the protection of your device to new heights with our premium tempered glass. Engineered with 9H impact protection and scratch resistance, it ensures your screen remains safe from accidental bumps and scratches. With a mere 0.3mm thickness, it provides maximum transparency, allowing the vibrant display to shine through with clarity. The advanced oleophobic coating effortlessly repels fingerprints and oily residue, keeping your screen clean and smudge-free. Experience seamless sensitivity with the 2.5D precision touch, enabling smooth and precise interaction with your device. Designed to be case friendly, it perfectly complements your existing iPad case. Embrace the ultimate combination of protection and functionality with our exceptional tempered glass solution. Compatible with iPad 8.3 inch.

Technical Specifications 
Premium tempered glass with 9H impact protection and scratch resistance.
0.3mm ultra thin with maximum transparency.
Advanced oleophobic coating reduces fingerprints and oily residue.
2.5D precision touch for seamless sensitivity.
Case friendly.