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Aspect Tri-Fold Folio Case for iPad 10.2 Inch - Charcoal Grey

Safeguard your iPad when unexpected mishaps with our innovative protective case. Engineered with shock absorbent and flexible edges, it acts as a reliable shield against drops and falls, ensuring the longevity of your device. Complete with 360-degree protection and an ultra-soft microfiber inner lining, it creates a cozy nest for your iPad, shielding it from scratches and impacts. The tri-fold design not only enhances its slim profile but also offers optimised functionality for viewing, typing, drawing, and reading. The transparent back showcases the beautiful color of your iPad, letting its true essence shine through. With an integrated Apple Pencil holder, your stylus is always within reach. The smart folio cover goes a step further, supporting the auto wake and sleep function, instantly activating your iPad when you open the cover and putting it to sleep when you close it. Experience the perfect blend of style, protection, and convenience with our sleek and functional iPad case.

Tech specifications 
Shock absorbent, flexible edges to protect your iPad from drops and falls.
360-degree protection completed with ultra soft microfiber inner lining.
Tri-fold, slim profile design for optimised viewing, typing, drawing and reading, finished in a premium woven material.
Transparent back to show off the colour of your iPad.
Sleek design with integrated Apple Pencil holder for storage and wireless charging compatibility.
Smart folio cover supports auto wake and sleep function.

iPad 10.2 Inch